Portuguese Translation Service


Getting portuguese translation services for your documents is one of the responsible things to do. Here at Logic Translations, we aim to provide you exactly what you are looking for. Let us help you make the right decision in terms of what we can do.

Portuguese Translation Service

Logic Translations bring Portuguese translation services to anyone in the world. We are the leader in Portuguese translation services and we want more for our clients. We can handle European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, and the different versions of the Portuguese that need Portuguese document translation.

Our certified translation comes from the work of professional Portuguese speakers who can handle the case anyway they can. You would certainly love the experience that you have with the Portuguese translation offered by Logic Translations. How do we do it?

Portuguese Translation Services

Our Portuguese translation services range from professional certified translations, personal translations of personal documents, handling legalities of corporations, as well as anything short of needing a simple Portuguese translation.

Portuguese Translation

The Portuguese language comes with different variations. Logic Translations carry the name of the company and bring forward different kinds of Portuguese language to make sure that we do not merely translate, we localize based on what the client needs.

Native Portuguese Translators

We have native Portuguese translators who know what they are doing when it comes to Portuguese translations. The original version of the Portuguese language has a nuance here and there compared to European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.

Only a native speaker, who knows accents, studied the language, and has been around for a while can dedicate his time properly to the Portuguese translation of the documents. It is a certified Portuguese translation that works. You can get that here at our translation company.

European Portuguese Translators

We have professional translators that know the difference between European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. The differences are subtle and not at all obvious but they are there. It is your responsibility to make sure that you get the right certified translation, you can only do so with the help of the right Portuguese translation company.

Portuguese to English translation is handled by those who speak the language. Our certified Portuguese translation services are standing by for you and your Portuguese translation project.

Documents We Handle

Here at Logic Translations we handle documents the right way. If you want us to handle any of the following documents, we can help you get exactly what you are looking for. Let us discuss some of the documents.

Agreements & Reports

If you are a multinational company that caters to portuguese as a spoken language of some of your people or business associates, then you would need the portuguese document translation.

If you want something translated from Portuguese to English,  you can do so with the help of our company. We handle legal documents and agreements that require discretion. We have a country who is standing by to help you with your Portuguese language needs.


If you have specific applications that you want to be translated from Portuguese to English, we are here for you. Applications that require an English translation must be done by a professional Portuguese translator and that is what we can do for you.

Articles of Association

If you have articles of association that are in Portuguese, we can help translate Portuguese to the language that you use in the company. Our English certified translation will help you get the best kind of translation that you money can buy.

Certificates & Affidavits

If you are trying to migrate to the United States or you are coming from the United States to a Portuguese speaking country, you need the right Portuguese translation services to help you have the certified Portuguese translation that you need.

There are already a lot of certified Portuguese translators that are just waiting for you in Logic Translations.

Contracts & Court rulings

Court rulings can be confusing if it is written in your language. What cmore can you expect if it is written in another language? With that, the translation industry and our company has already opened up more professional slots for every person who wants to get professional Portuguese legal translations or legal documents in the official language of the client.

Certified Portuguese translations are good for the translated document. But it is better if it is localized in the language that the client would understand.

Dissolutions & Distribution Agreements

Some companies close down and they come with distribution agreements and dissolutions. Through the help of a Portuguese translator, you can have translation services of these documents and you will not miss out on what is supposed to be yours in the distribution.

Documents requested by authorities

Migration and tourism are two of the more common things that people do in other countries. If you want to travel and get a VISA in one country, you may need to submit a lot of documents that can help you prove that you are who you are and that you are not planning on staying too long in the recipient country for work.

With that, you need to get a translated document in the eyes of the government agency or the authorities that are handling your case. An accurate translation of this document must be done by professional translators who can do the Portuguese to English translations and vice versa.

Employment forms & letters

If you are looking for work and you know that you would need to get your document into a translation project, now is the time to do so. Portuguese speakers are standing by to help you with your specific needs.

Financial Statements

Financial statements are tricky. Numbers do not lie but the language and interpretation of the numbers need to also be accurate. When translating from Portuguese to English, you need to make sure that you do not get one that is not as accurate as you want it to be.

The certified Portuguese translation services that we have to offer can bring you financial statements in their Portuguese to English translation that is accurate.

Foreign government documents

Our English translators know what they are doing. Our translated accuracy carries multiple languages to English Translators. Whether you have a need for a Portuguese to English translation translated accurately or you have another target language from a foreign government. We are here to help you out. Our native translators are here for you.

General Forms

Business documents can be handled properly by our translation company. The world’s leading companies rely on us to make sure that our English translations coming from the Portuguese language will see the difference between standard Portuguese as well as the significant differences of the language to its other variations.

Incorporation papers

The intended audience of incorporation papers are professionals. We make sure that should our clients have the need for professional translation of a Portuguese language, we can provide exactly what they have been looking for. English to Portuguese and vice versa is within reach through our help.

Personal Documents

Our satisfied clients have dealt with government agencies but they have also trusted us with very personal matters. When dealing with personal matters such as letters, our extensive experience helps us shape the needs of our clients. We take the confidentiality agreement very seriously and we never take matters that are not meant to be shared.

You can rely on our professional service, always.

Medical Reports

Medical reports,  medical devices, scientific manuals – these are all things that we have an extensive knowledge of handling. From translations of English to Portuguese and vice versa, we can provide exactly what you need for you to get the best translated document that we want you to have.

Our team of professional English to Portuguese translators can handle your needs for the right English to Portuguese translations. Let our project manager run you through the basic requirements and we will help you get the translated documents that you need with a quick turnaround time.

Website Translation

We consider our website translation as website localization, nothing more and nothing else. When we localize, we are able to share even the nuances of the languages and the subtle differences between merely word per word translation to localization using local customs and traditions.

Logic Translations is here for you

Logic Translations is here for you. We are much more than a Portuguese translation company, we are a certified translation agency that brings forward the best English translation services for our clients.

As a member of the American Translators Association, we have been around for quite a while. We have handled birth certificates, marriage certificates, and all other documents that you would need to get translated.

We hire only the best native speakers. We provide a free quote on the translation that we have to offer and we make sure that we translate the documents we receive with good faith and the highest level of fidelity. We are a trustworthy language company that works beyond one language and translates documents professionally.

For a long time, we have handled cases where our clients need the right kind of Portuguese translation services and we know how to handle it properly. From certified translations to specific needs for translations Logic Translations is here to help.

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Logic Translations can bring you what you need

Here at Logic Translations, we make it a point to deliver accurate and certified legal translation of documents in a wide range of languages.

Our team of experts is composed of certified legal translators with real background working for law firms and localization projects. With this being said, we pride ourselves in offering high quality solutions at the most affordable prices for our clients.

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