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A certified translation service is definitely a kind of work that every person who is dealing with government compliance should have. Translation is also needed by every business, who wants to get some syndication and global reach, would want. Before you go ahead and hire a translation service, you need to learn more about the industry. How do you know if you have a USCIS certified translation services agency in front of you? How do you make sure that you get the official translation properly from the certified translation company?

The goal of this article is to provide the reader with information on how he can get a professional translator and a certified translated document that could help them along the way.

Certified translation services

Getting a document translated may seem like an easy task. You can simply hire a professional translator and you should be good to go. However, this is not always the case especially in terms of the kind of translation that you need, the specific service for the translations that you want to have, and the documentation required for you to submit.

There are different kinds of translation services that are being offered and each one of these translation services bring a specific kind of certified translation, or translation in general. Translation of private documents, marriage certificates, those for the purpose of immigration, and those that need proof that they are certified translations are discussed in this article.

Document translations

For the most basic kind of translation, as in for personal use or maybe even out of sheer curiosity, there are document translations that can be done in many languages. Basic translation services are available for this specific kind of need. If you have a personal letter that needs translation services, you do not need to engage the service of those who work in a big New York translation firm or get certified translations, all you need is to get an individual to translate what you need.

In the United States, some individuals often do a translation project to ensure that they are using the right language or replying using the right languages. The most common translation projects that individuals have requested from translation companies are those in Spanish to English. There are basic translators available online that any user may use. Since these basic document translations do not need any kind of quality control, the translators you engage need not have any certification or issue any certification.

What kind of papers would not just need basic translation?
Any kind of document that does not have a legal purpose or that needs to be submitted to someone else can already prosper with basic translation. Private correspondences, private communications, and the like are examples of papers that no longer need to be certified translated by an expert.

Website translations

There are also some individual agencies or companies who get the great service of a professional translator to get their office or company to have a bigger reach online. A user will often notice this when they find a translation option on a webpage.

Get more users
Getting translators to translate for your company’s website is a good investment. Every single user is unique so every single user should have access to the right languages. This business outlook is considered as one of the good reasons for individual businesses who have a need for official documents or their website to be translated.

Look more professional
Most of the websites based in New York often have quality translations that accept many languages. This makes the audience feel that they are also in the presence of a quality company and they get big business out of it.

Reach more people
E-commerce sites will also benefit greatly from website translations because of the reach that the certified translations can offer them. Reaching the United States, for US sellers, and other English speaking countries is easy but presenting an official translation that could reach other countries that do not necessarily speak English is another achievement.

Website owners may opt to hire a translation company to translate per page of their website. The individuals assigned for the marketing of the website or online companies may also hire a certified translation company for their bigger clients. The possibility for the use of translation services certified by experts are endless. Having certified translation services for your website is necessary. Of course, we are using the term certified translation services loosely in this respect. This will be discussed in full later. The most important reason for an individual to get the right certified translation services for their website is because of accessibility.

Address Accessibility Issues On Your Website
Accessibility is the most important concept online. A website and a webpage will not have any kind of following if there is an issue with the accessibility. Certified translation services that may translate pages of the website and the home page are necessary.
In the digital world, it is not just the physical documentation that would require certified document translation but also the digital world. Website translations must be available by websites who want to get more out of their webpage and not just mere online presence.

Certified translations

A certified translation is one that is required when the individual is submitting a legal document. It is not just for personal or for business needs simply but is for official needs such as when one has a transaction with the government. According to expert translators, a professional certified translation represents a certification for the translation needs.

The individual who seeks a certified translation needs one for death certification, marriage certification, birth certification, certification of support and other official documents in the same language. There are also those who need documents such as court transcripts, business contracts, and for immigration use would require the service of a language translator in an official and translated document.

The most common kind of person or body who would require an individual to get a translation services certified or certified translation services is the government. Most government bodies require a foreign language document owner to present the document and hire certified translation services that would provide a certified translation to the document he is presenting.

In order to prevent confusion, it is important to know that there is a difference between certified translation services and certified translation. When an individual gets the service of a translation agency, he is asking for certified translation services. However, the document translation itself and the accompanying document that is required by the government agency is more often called the certified translation document.

For those with a need for a USCIS acceptance, a professional and official certification of the translated document needs to come from the translators or the translator company or agency. This is a necessary requirement if the user, as in this case the USCIS, requires the translation of the documents since the original document is in a language that even professional USCIS officers do not understand. This applies to situations where even just one page of the whole dockets of the legal documents need to be translated from Spanish to English.

Certified document translation from a company that offers certified translation services are often strict and must abide by the rules set by the requesting body?

Who often requests for certified document translation?
An individual, office, agency, or body may request for certified document translation that individuals would want to have.

What does it mean when a document is said to be a certified translation document? When a document is submitted as such as a certified translation, the translation service that you hire is giving a warranty that the work is a faithful copy of the source. A certificate of accuracy will be presented by the translator. Generally, when a document is a certified translation, it is a faithful copy of the source document. What kinds of papers require a certified translation?

A certified translation is often required in the following:

  • When the copy that needs proper certified translation is a matter of public record. Public record documents are required to have undergone certified translation services if they are to be accepted by the requesting agency. The user is required to properly get a translator to translate the documents. The translator is then required to provide certification that the translation is a certified translation and that such certified translation is of high quality.
  • When the copy that needs proper certified translation is a private document in a language or languages that the individual processor cannot understand, there should be a certified translation. This is where translation services come in. Private records are often in the form of employment certificates, certificates from a private office, references from private individuals or a private office, and many other papers that could come from a private user. The USCIS requires private records to be properly translated especially for immigration.
  • Legal papers or papers pertaining to legal proceedings are also required to get a certified translation. Certified translations for this kind of documentation are often required by law and cannot be changed.

Notarized translation

A notarized translation is different from the other documents that can be seen and translated by certified translation services. A notarized translation is a document that is signed by a certified translator in front of a notary. The notary is what makes the document an official document.

There are different rules on notarization depending on the state or country that is requiring and asking for the notarization. However, most documents that need a notarized certificate of translation are documents that also require the use of an authorized legal stamp from the government.

What is the process of notarization?
The process of notarization must start with the translator. When you get a certified translation service, the translation cost would include the beginning of the process of notarizing the document. He goes to the notary himself and takes an oath to certify that the legal documents that he is presenting to the notary are accurate. The translator then signs an affidavit in front of the notary public.

It is only when the notary public signs the documents and attaches his official seal to the documents that the documents will be considered as already notarized and that the project to ensure that the translation is quality certified and ready for USCIS acceptance. The certified document translation, with notarization, is as good as any other legal and binding document. It will be taken officially by the individual reviewing the application or the translation.

What is the purpose of getting my documents to have notarized translations?
Getting your documents notarized comes with very specific purposes. Individuals who are
submitting their documents in less than 24 hours for school purposes or their marriage certificates need to have notarized translations so the reader would know that he is in the vicinity of the person claiming to be him.

The notarized certificate of translation is necessary to ensure proper identification of the user of the document. Otherwise, the page that has not been notarized by a professional translator may not be considered as an official document.

When would I know if I have documents that need notarized translations? 
When the services that you are trying to get from a company that offer certified translation services are for the purpose of the government use and determination, you need to make sure that you will get a notarized translation. Ask the certified translation services company if they are also offering a notarized translation and they should be able to assist you on this end.

You should also get notarized translations from certified translation services when you are going to present the documents to the USCIS. The USCIS translation requirement is very strict. Individuals who want a certified document translation must be able to prove the certification presented to them. The language quality of the certified translation services company should be as if a native speaker is submitting the document.

Technical translations

Medical translations 
Medical translations are translations that are focused on medical devices, patient records, clinical files, and basically anything that could relate to clinical trials or to a patient’s diagnosis. It is often helpful to have medical translations of your own records for you to get the quality service that you have been looking for. The end users of your medical translations are the doctors who would look after you or the researchers reading up on the clinical study.

Study Translations
There are also study translations that are necessary for office work. These are the kinds of technical translation services that focus primarily on the documents that are based on studies. Most of the individuals who ask for studies to get quality translation are those that are mainly focused on the content of specific study as well as the documents that come with it.

There are also some technical translations that are part of language translations. Professional documents translated are often in the form of technical translations. More often than not, technical translations involve translating documents or materials that are concerned with specific and technical terminology. When the subject matter involves a specific topic on a specialized text.

Technical translations are often done per page, like most of the translations available. The certified translations are often in a preferred language of the reader but the technical terms are not translated. There are many different kinds of technical translations but the two more important kinds are in the form of medical translations and study translations.

What are USCIS certified translation services?

A USCIS Certified translation service is specially important for individuals who are undergoing immigration proceedings in the United States. Immigration in the United States is a very strict process. When the document that you are presenting needs translations, these documents must get a certified translation from USCIS-certified translation services.

Documents such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, and other official documents relating to the application must be translated by a certified translation company on a per page basis. Certified translations are required by the USCIS for all documents that are presented during the interview with the applicant.

The certified translations are especially important when it comes to visa applications and the green card applications of the individual. For example, those who are applying for a K1 visa need to properly show the validity of the marriage and the identity of the individual who got married. If the marriage certificate is in another language, and not in English, the applicant must get USCIS Certified translation services to get the official documents translated per page.

The translations are required to show that the individual birth certificate that has been presented is something that matches the details of the applicant upon translation. The notarized translation, together with the signature and approval of the certified translator, are necessary requirements that the USCIS would require.

Basically, USCIS Certified Translation Services are the kind of translation accepted by the USCIS. Other than the usual documents, they may also include the background check translations that are presented to the USCIS for individuals who are presenting themselves after the special talent visa or those who are on a work or study visa.

USCIS translation of the document is also necessary for those who are presenting police verification for specific immigrant visas that individuals would want to have. Divorce certificates, court documents, and adoption documents translation also necessarily require that they get the right kind of certification.

USCIS requirements

The USCIS requires that all of the documents presented to it are in English for the USCIS to understand what the topic is all about and what the document is saying. However, since more of the immigrants present certificates in a different language, it has been determined by the USCIS that they will need all of the pages of a document to be certified by the USCIS. While the USCIS does not have any particular format for certification, they require that the certificate presented to the services USCIS officers offer are presented with a certified document.

The certified document translation must include a declaration that mentions where the portion is translated, which language the portion is translated from, the certified translation language, the number of pages, the place and address, and the official translator’s name, signature, and stamp. The certified translations must also show the name of the translator as well as the address and date when the document translation was certified.

Where would you need USCIS certified translation services?

Some individuals often think that they may not have an immediate need for the certified translation services but this is not true. Proactively getting a USCIS certified translation service comes with many different advantages than what one would expect to experience when they hire a certified translation agency.

Where exactly would you need certified translation services if you just have a small business or are not dealing with the immediate need to have a language translated? There are a couple of scenarios when having certified translators on your payroll would pay off.

Personal Situations

There are a handful of personal situations where you would need to get your hands on a professional translator with a fast turnaround and who knows your translation needs. A quality certified translation is necessary in the following situations:

You may need it for immigration purposes. 
Perhaps the most primary reason to get USCIS certified translation services is for immigration purposes. Immigration services do not include official translation or the processing of the USCIS of your original birth certificates or other official documents. The immigration services begin and end at the determination of whether or not you are who you say you are with the circumstances that you claim to have.

With that, you need to have a certified translator or hire the services of a certified translation company to help you out with your need for a translated document. Certified translators often give out translation for immigration on a per page basis and you will definitely need to get the translation done in 24 hours or less from a service provider you know you can trust.

You may need it for personal reasons 
If you were born in another country and moved to a new one before you can even learn the language, then you will need a good birth certificate translation company to give you a notarized translation of your birth certificate.

Every single move that you make in the new country will ask for details about your birth and getting translation services certified for your language are necessary. Birth certificate document translation is your refuge in this case. Get a copy of your birth certificate in its original language and have a translation agency give you a copy of the certified notarized translation.

You need to keep up appearances 
For personal reasons, or even just for your image, getting access to a translation agency who offers translation services will certainly help you and your personal image. Certified translation services on your personal webpages and your birth certificates are actually pretty cool if you come to think of it. You may even have your personal documents translated just the way that you want to.

Business Situations

If you have your own business, you probably know that your need for a certified translator or a professional translator is not just a fantasy but a real business reality.

Potential business inquiries 
First, you may face unexpected inquiries coming from another country. No person would want to be caught off guard when they have a customer who could potentially give them big business but end up declining because the customer is non-English speaking. Those who are in sales would often need professional translation so nothing else gets lost in translation.

When some would ask for a free quote from your business, and require a fast turnaround in less than 24 hours, you definitely should have the right translation service ready for you.

Being able to connect to someone who knows the language is a smart business need. The translation cost could potentially get outgrown by the business that you will get.

Bigger market reach 
When you hire a certified translator or a translation company, you get a bigger chance to engage with additional markets. The 2020 pandemic has caused a big halt to the production and movement of supply. Today, more and more companies are reaching out to a global market to move goods and services.
By having a certified translator to translate your business website, its web pages, and content, on a per page or whole basis, you can easily reach more individuals.

With a translation, the market that you were unable to reach before will be able to give you the business that you may have missed prior due to the lack of translation services certified to work for your business and your market.

You need to keep up appearances
Just like the personal reasons why you need to get certified document translation, your business also needs to keep up with appearances. When you get certified translation services it is often not just so you can have it handy when the need arises but because it is necessary for you to keep up your business’ professionalism and make sure that you get the professional look that you are going for.

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As discussed above, an individual can get a certified translation from a translation company, online or not.

No, there are specific individuals who are to give the stamp on the services certified translation like birth certificate translation. These individuals are also required to provide a certificate for that effect.

The costs associated with those who need to get services certified translation vary. One can get a quotation online if they are interested in getting document translation services.

You can get services for translation online.

No, the USCIS requires individual applicants to obtain the services of an expert who can make a proper translation from one language to another. The certificate of accuracy and the certificate of translation must be given by an expert.

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When hiring the best certified translation services that offer the great service that you are looking for, you need to look for quality service from translators who carry certification for many languages. You can get certified translation services online, especially during this pandemic. All you need to do is to find the right quality service from online sources. You may find a free quote on the translation services of Logic Translations online as well.

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