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A German-English translation is sought after. There are many native speakers of German that have used the challenge of being a linguist and have taken being a translator seriously. In this article, let us discuss the industry of German to English quality translation, the importance of getting a free quote from the service that you intend to hire, and why a simple word translation will no longer be enough.

Get to know the German language

The German language is naturally from Germany. It is a West Germanic language that is closely related to three other languages – the Afrikaans, Dutch, and English. It is very different from European Romance languages that some people often use such as Spanish, Italian, and French.

To date, there are over 100 million native speakers, not just in Germany but also on a global level. The language beats up Spanish, French, Italian, and English from being one of the most widely spoken languages in Europe. Hence, getting German translations is necessary for individuals. This explains why it is better for individuals to not just get a friend from Germany to translate because the language is very intricate.

The Challenge

The challenge is this: German is a very complex language. Even native speakers have some debate as to what certain words in German mean and how they can be translated. The German speakers in Germany do not share the same cultural nuances as German speakers in Belgium, Switzerland or any other German-speaking country.


Native German language is compounded, complicated, and technical. The long compound words in native German are often met with simpler versions in other languages. German to English is not a walk in the park. For example, demonstrations of friendship are Freundschaftsbezeugungen. If you use a machine translator and they do the translation per word, the translated document will not bring the same quality as in the original thought of the original document. If you want great quality English to German translation and German to English translation, you need to work with the right high quality German translation services. This is exactly what we will be discussing in this article.

Professional German Translation Services

If you are looking for professional certified German translation services, then you probably want to know more about German speakers, what makes high quality German, and all of the things that make German a language translations a booming industry. From the get go, it is already accurate to say that German one of the hardest languages to learn. If you are not part of German native speakers, and you have a need for a professional translation from English to German or German to English, then you need to find the right translation service that offers professional German translation services.

German to English Translations

Getting German translation services is not limited to personal document translation or professional translation of English to German and German to English. There are very specific parts of the process and specific uses for a German to English translation to be obtained by an individual for a project.

Technical and Scientific German

One of the many uses for a German translation service is the fact that there are many German medical, technical, and scientific studies.

There are many German scientists today. Most of the documents coming from that side of the world need to get English to German translation for the majority of the users to understand the language. There are many popular German scientists that we can list, such as:  Albert Einstein, Adolf Friedrich Johann Butenandt, Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard, Ernst August Friedrich Ruska, Georges Jean Franz Köhler, Karl Ferdinand Braun, Karl Ziegler, and Carl Bosch. The works of these popular German scientists are found in certified German documents that would require proper German translation services.

Recent scientists from Germany are also making global rounds today. There are also technical and scientific discoveries today that are in German language and made by a German scientist. The work of Physician Winfried Stöcker, who discovered the German coronavirus vaccine, can be further studied once German translation services are availed of by whoever wants to study it. Technical and scientific German translations require that you get a native German speaker who knows that translating medical, technical, and scientific documents in German is a serious business.

Localization by German translators

Today, word per word translation is not just the necessary thing that online businesses should do nowadays but it should also be about localization. Website localization is also very popular in terms of the needs of the companies. You can also do this in German. Localization is another part of German translation services where the translator is expected to provide German document translation that is more suitable with German culture and not just because of what a single word means.

When you get German translation services, it is easier for you to be in harmony with your clients. With German document translation, every individual client is expected to have a good experience once he opens the website. German document translation is a better part of website localization if you want to reach an even bigger market.

For Business purposes

A simple Google search would yield the user with many options as to how they can get translation services, but they are not all quality translations. In the first page of any Google search, you may find that online translation services are available in human translators or machine translators. When it comes to German translation services, it is important that the customer knows how to get a quality translator team for every page of his website or document. German translation services is a serious project for businesses.

Hence, while it can be enticing to get translation services that are in the form of machine translators since they get results in 24 hours, translation services should be done by native speakers of the language.

Medical Purposes

There are also some translations on medical breakthroughs that must be translated by a native individual who does not need to live in Germany but should at least have an idea about how the language works. There are also German medical devices that would need a person to translate the user manual for every user to get a free understanding of how to properly use it. In the medical industry, individuals can always rely on German made products but being user friendly, since it is in the native language of the origin, is another thing altogether.

Official German Document Translation

A document may not necessarily just be about business or companies, they may also be documents referring to personal matters like a birth certificate, a marriage certificate, and all other personal documents that you may be looking to get translated from one language to another. Certified German translators are amazing when it comes to their preparedness in dealing with certified translation needs that require translation German. A user would be pleased at the quality of the work that they can get within 24 hours by simply looking at the right company that offers quality German translation services.

Other legal documents that need official translation:

Foreign court orders and decisions

Foreign courts require translation German for a German document. Whether it be from German to English, German to Spanish, or German to Tagalog, there will always be a need for a certified German translator.

Other Papers

For individuals who want to use a foreign court’s decision in another country, they need to get high quality translations of that decision. If the decision is in the German language, then you need to get a certified german translation for that..

Apostilled documents are documents that are notarized in another country. Customers often rely on a good German translation company to make sure that the Apostilled documents match the needs of the customers. A notarized document from another country and other documents may also need a per word translation for the proper delivery of the idea or thought that it wants to share. In the United States, the USCIS is very strict when it comes to the USCIS certified translations and the documents presented to them so certified translators should be wary on how they translate.

Personal Creativity

If you have a blog that you would like to reach a bigger market. The following are some of the facts that should make you ready to get the German English translation:

  • A German professional translation can help you get through the market. You may hire a translation agency for your videos and your creative design while you are showing off your own creativity.
  • You have more time for your creativity. You should let the translation company in Germany allow you to have all of the things that could make you have a good experience.
  • Extra teams will not hurt.If you have a Google presence or a Shopify store, you can hire a team of translators to help out your own team. Since you most probably have a team that handles your delivery, your customer service, and all of the other parts of the project on your ecommerce business, you should also have a team for translating.

Website Globalization

While translation services for certified documents and legal documents can be done by a good legal translation agency, today’s modern world now requires websites to be translated as well. While an official document from one jurisdiction to another would need the right kind of German translation. A website that wants a more international reach should get reviews from companies all over the world. How does one get accurate reviews? One should definitely reach the clients first.

Why do you need to get your website translated to German?

Professional Handling
If you allow your business website to be handled by a professional translation business, you get professional handling. Professional german translation services are sought after because they give the following to your website or blog:

Your website will have better credibility with the right German translation services. Whether you get an English to German translation or a German to English translation, you become more credible with a more localized and translated website or webpage.

Bigger Market Reach
Having a translation team would allow you to have a global reach. With German language translation, the company’s global reach can translate to a global delivery and a global customer base.

Quicker Market Reach
Translating your website to German can also help you get quicker market reach. Check out the turnaround time for the translation so you can also add this as a plus factor on the considerations you make when choosing between German translation services. Look at an affordable price and look at the team credentials on the page of the company offering German translation services.

Better Accessibility
Better accessibility means that your readers will have better access to what you can offer. If you are a life coach, a lifestyle blog, or a website that offers mental health advice, a translated site can help you get through a better matter.

German Translations

When you hire a translation company, you are hiring them for two sides of the translation. The movement of the language from one form to another and the timelines vary.

Should I get more than the German translation?

Yes, even if the target market that you have is Germany. You should also look at the following languages:

  • Chinese translation services;
  • Mandarin translation services;
  • Spanish translation services;

English to German translation
The timeline for German translation services depends on the kind of support team of translators that are handling the job. Certified English translation services may need a longer time depending on certain factors.

German to English Translation
English translation services often get done with high quality within 24 hours. It depends on the kind of support team of translators that are handling the job. Certified English translation services may need a longer time depending on certain factors.

A choice for excellence

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Fast Turnaround

Get The Right German Translations Services

Get one from birth
Your need for a good translation agency should not just be about a professional or official document translation by German translators. It is about a specific need. For a birth certificate for immigration is a specific need.

Get quick service
Keep in mind that if you need a certified German translation, there are services that offer translations online for a fast turnaround. Check out customer reviews first before asking for the price and before making a deal.

Make sure that the certified translation company that you are looking at handles legal, medical, and immigration translations and could provide the right certificate for the right price. Here at Logic Translations, we pride ourselves on providing the best type of certified translation services for our clients across the globe. Ask for a free quote today.

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