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A certified translation service is definitely a kind of work that every person who is dealing with government compliance should have. Translation is also needed by every business, who wants to get some syndication and global reach, would want. Before you go ahead and hire a translation service, you need to learn more about the industry. How do you know if you have a USCIS certified translation services agency in front of you? How do you make sure that you get the official translation properly from the certified translation company?

The goal of this article is to provide the reader with information on how he can get a professional translator and a certified translated document that could help them along the way.

DMV Rules

The Department of Motor Vehicles may be a federal government b/ut they follow State rules. There are different State rules that the DMV is required to 0f0ol0low and we have to check if you are in proper compliance with each state rule, depending on the driver license translation.

With that in mind, it is important to make sure that you check if your migrant driver’s license can work for you.

Can I drive in all States in the United States?

Yes, you can drive in all States in the United States provided that you submit the right requirements and comply with the translated driver’s license requirements coming from the DMV. The certified translation or the driver’s license translation must be accurate and must always show that you have the right experience always.

With that in mind, you should know that as long as you have the right certified translation, you can trust that you can drive in all States in the United States.

Some States in the United States do not require that you have a certified translation of your foreign license. For them, the important thing to make sure is the fact that you will complete all of the prerequisites for the driving license.

On the other hand, some States in the United States do require that you have a certified translation of your driving license.

With that in  mind, let us look at the different driver license translation rules that most states in the United States may have.

DMV Alabama

The DMV in Alabama is one where you may not need certified translation. The driver’s license translation is certainly one of a kind and you would love the idea that you would not need to get the license translated.

The Motor Vehicle Division in the State of Alabama only requires that you have a valid original or certified copy of the applicant’s license from the issuing agency.

If you already have a social security number or any proof of temporary residence for non-residents, you should simply present this to the division and you should be good to go.

However, even with this requirement, we recommend that you still try to get your foreign driver’s license translated in order to avoid any kind of problem in the future. There are professional translators who can help you out. All you need to do is to ask and hire Logic Translations for that specific need.

DMV Alaska

Alaska requires that there is a translation of all the primary and the secondary documents that need to be translated. The Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles requires that there is a Certificate of Accuracy of Translation by the language interpreter or translator.

What does this mean for you? This means that you should have a certified translation for your driver’s license that guarantees the accuracy of the translation. The certification of the translation of the foreign driver’s license is the United States’ government’s way of ensuring that there is accurate translation of the driver’s license. Nothing more and nothing less.





DMV Arizona

The DMV in Arizona requires that there is the correct license translation services. The licenses that migrants get from their country must be translated by professional translators. Your international driving permit would also need to be translated. The thing that you should be on the lookout for is the fact that you would have to once again go through the whole process of obtaining a driver’s license in the State of Arizona, even if you already have a license.

What is the purpose of getting driver’s license translation services if I need to go through the process again? The purpose of getting translation services is making sure that you have the most accurate translation that proves your driving experience. Even if you have to go through the whole process again, license translation makes the whole process easier.

The good thing is that in the State of Arizona, there is no need for you to get a certification.

DMV Arkansas

DMV Arkansas requires that migrants apply for a new driver’s license, just like what is required for locals. It is necessary that any and all migrants would have to go through the same process just as the locals. Even if you have been driving for a long time at home, you need to go through the process again.

The requirement in Arkansas is not definite, however. There are some individuals who would be happy to know that they can still drive around the State of Arkansas using their driver’s license translation for a certain period of time. You still need to present the foreign driver’s license.





DMV California

DMV California requires having a certified driver’s license translation presented to them. They would only accept the original or the certified copies of the papers coming from the issuing agency, nothing more and nothing less.

It is important, however, that you are already registered to the Social Security Administration in order for you to be accepted or for the State of California to allow you access to their own DMV system. There is also a need to get certified translations not just for your license but for all of the things that are pertaining to your license as well. This is a very strict standard in the State of California that everybody must abide by.


Keep in mind that when dealing with the DMV in the State of California, they will only accept original documents or certified documents that are coming from the original issuing agency. All of the documents that you have had with the driver’s license translation must also undergo certified translation, nothing more and nothing less.

DMV Colorado

In DMV Colorado, the State requires that all documents be translated properly. You need to hire the right license translation services for this as professional translators must certify that they have seen the document and have provided for the right translation services, An international driving permit is also needed for it.







DMV Connecticut

DMV Connecticut requires that you also hire the right and best quality translation agency to handle the documents coming from your country’s government agencies. Keep in mind that great quality is important and an English translation is not enough if the documents presented are not accepted by the DMV.

In order to prevent this from happening, you should check for great service and make sure that you find a DMV-Approved Translator.

DMV Delaware

DMV Delaware is one of the best experiences that you can have in terms of getting a United States license needing a driver’s license translation. The State of Delaware allows for the foreign driver’s authorization to be used without any kind of language conversion. However, we always recommend that you still get one especially if you want the State of Delaware’s DMV to respond promptly.


DMV Florida

DMV Florida requires that applicants must submit all of their original documents as well as certified copies by the issuing agency for the authorization that they need. The interpretation or the translation must be of great quality. The translated copy must comply with the local laws and must be notarized in the State of Florida.



DMV Georgia

The DMV in Georgia requires that those who are licensed in international driving submit the original or the certified copies of the driving authorization papers. Translated documents must always be submitted with their originals. This is a requirement in the State of Georgia.

There are a lot of other States that have different requirements but please remember that a certified translation is what would separate you from the rest of those with an international driving license that is rejected by the State DMV.

What is an international translation of a driver's license?

An international translation of a driver’s license is basically a translation of a driver’s license done by professional translators with the main goal of being submitted upon completion to the government agencies that require such translation.

Driver’s license translation services are brutally honest and follow a form, especially since it is a government document coming from the government of another country. The translation company is required to prove that the driver’s license translations are in compliance with the requirements set by law.

How can I translate my driving license?

You cannot translate your driving license on your own. You need the help of the right translators offering the right translation service for you and your needs. It is important that you make sure that you get all of the things that could make you happy and that would include the translation services from around the world that are offered by Logic Translations.

How do you become a certified driver license translator?

You would need the help and certification of a good translation school. You may also need to be a native speaker in order for you to get that driver’s license translator badge that you need.

What kind of driver license translation should I expect from Logic Translations?

Logic Translations is a professional service. If you deem it necessary to hire the company, we can make sure that your final translation complies with all of the requirements that you want us to comply with.

Trusted Translation Agency

Government agencies accept translated documents coming from Logic translations and that is a guarantee. As a translation agency, we recommend that our clients trust our services. We provide the best kind of experience especially for Individuals who already have an international driver permit and just need a professional translator to do driving license translation.

American Translators Association

As a member of the American association we Make sure that the best Kind of experience for our clients who already have an international driving license but have a need for a professional translation coming from a professional translator.

Great Services

The license translated that we give out makes sure that we give out great service. Documents uploaded to our website coming from a foreign country are protected by our very strict confidentiality agreement.

If you have a need for a qualified translator for your driver license, Logic Translation is the company that you are looking for.

Certified Translation

Certified Translation is also necessary. A translated document coming from Logic Translations is accepted. We do not accept even a small error. We make sure that we handle the original document for official use and that other countries will trust that our services are trustworthy.

USCIS Acceptance

Our translated documents have already received USCIS acceptance and come with fast turnaround. The fast turnaround time is just one of the things that make us who we are as a translation company. You can be sure that we provide the highest quality, give you a free quote, and that our documents can be used for official use.

Notarized Translation

When you have experienced the service of the Logic Translations, you would not ask for more. Our USCIS acceptance is just one of the things that make us who we are. We make sure that our license translated into different languages would match the requirement of the government agency that required it.

Clear Translation Process

If you want us to translate a document coming from a scanned copy, you can simply send it to us, we will provide you with a free quote and we will start to translate for you. Our specific process and protocol is what makes our turnaround time fast and exciting.

Trusted by Government Agencies

Many government agencies from any country have already accepted what we have to offer and even some documents that we have translated have reached the United Nations and more.

Driver’s License Translation

Driver’s license translation is a big thing. If you need translation because the DMV of your state requires you to do so, you must do your best to comply with it. Otherwise, you might lose out on the driving privilege that you should have had already in the first place.

Driver’s license translations may be based on a form but the translation must be accurate enough to reflect all of your details, The details that you submit would reflect the assessment of your document. You should remember this every single time that you are trying to get a translation done by an expert translation company.

Accurate Translation

You also need to have an accurate translation. An accurate translation is what would separate you from those who the DMV of your state would reject. The translation you submit must be proper and comply with all of the necessary requirements. Hence, it is the accurate translation of the Logic Translations that can help you.

We always work beyond what the client expects from us. It is our goal to make sure that the translation we get would work to our advantage and more. Beyond what the client wants, we have seen what the client needs in terms of translators.

Clients From Around the World

Our clients from around the world have seen the way we work and they are always happy with the way we translate. We have been proud and honored of what we have to offer and we are glad that our clients know exactly what they need to do to get the right language translation.

Translators all over the world would also love to do the services we offer. For a long time, people have always been very cautious about the way they do things and get translation. This is for a reason. With the dawn of many ways for people to give wrong translations, it is important that you would at least be able to get one from someone who is trusted and from someone who knows exactly what you need in terms of the language you want translated from around the world.

It will surely help you decide to find out that Logic Translations have always been ahead of the pack. We are much more than what our clients want to see in us. If you want services that show a translation that may be mistaken to be one coming from your home country, the service of Logic Translations is here for you. We will give you language like no other and we will translate the documents that you want with the right service that you deserve.

Driver’s License Is Universal

Keep in mind that while everyone else just has that specific set of requirements to obtain a driver’s license, it is universal. As long as you can drive in road traffic and you can have the right translation, it will not be a bad idea for you to get the translation started and get the process of getting a driver’s license in a foreign country.

If you have a family member who can help you with the process of translation or who can get the translation started with Logic Translations online, you will surely have what you need.

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