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The Chinese language is considered as one of the oldest written languages in the world. Simplified Chinese is not so simple if you think about it. Today, given that China has the world’s biggest population, there are a lot of Chinese speaking customers that every single company in the world may want to capture as their market. How do you capture a market as big as the Chinese market? You look at how you can maximize their spoken world through a technical translation of their language online found on your website. It sounds simple enough, right?

In this article, let us discuss your website localization and why it is important to professional Chinese translation services completed on your site.

History of Simplified Chinese

As stated above, Chinese is one of the oldest written languages on the planet, if not the oldest. The language first started development in the 1950s up to the present time. According to its history, traditional Chinese came from the Sino-Tibetan language family. This is a language family that descended from Proto-Sino-Tibetan and it dates back 3000 years.

Currently, every Chinese document translation has been found to have 20,000 distinct characters. While Chinese may refer to the main Chinese dialect, it may also refer to Mandarin translation. With the 7 major language and dialect groups, it is not surprising that every individual website should get a professional Chinese translation done.

Professional Chinese Translation Services

Chinese translation services are no longer hard to find nowadays. There are a lot of professional translation services that also cover english to Chinese translation as well as Chinese to english translation depending on what the client is looking for.

When getting Chinese translation services, you need to know the subtle differences between the dialects under the Chinese language. Traditional Chinese is very different from simplified Chinese.

Even when you go to a pure Chinese website, you may see that the traditional Chinese even has a Mandarin translation and some other professional translation under the umbrella of the Chinese dialect. It is not purely a Chinese to English translation that people and businesses have been looking for. A translation company becomes responsible for the certified translation of the traditional Chinese to the certified Chinese and the simplified Chinese.

You do not even need to go around the world to see that native speakers may even need to get the China Taiwan translation in Chinese characters.

What are the differences between the Chinese dialects?

Generally, the Chinese language can be divided into world class languages coming from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and the other territories of China – the traditional Chinese and the simplified Chinese.

Some people assume that since both are versions of Chinese, the translation services Chinese that one would get are the same, they are not. The Chinese translation from Chinese translation services are not easily achieved if the Chinese translator does not know that the translation needs necessary for the Chinese translations are not all the same.

Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese have the same basic structure.
The structure of the simplified Chinese and the traditional Chinese have the same basic structure. A reader who does not know the subtle differences between the languages may end up giving work that is not of the highest quality.

Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese use different writing systems.
The writing systems for these two are different. They are not interchangeable and the meanings of the Mandarin language.

Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese are used in different territories of China.
Mainland China uses Simplified Chinese while Taiwan, Hongkong, and Macau use the Traditional one.

Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese have different characters.
Simplified Chinese uses 8,000 characters and was used in 1949 to battle illiteracy in China. Traditional Chinese uses about 13,000 characters.

I own a medical device company, should I get my manual interpreted from English to Chinese?

Yes, Chinese translation services also include Chinese medical translation services. This would include clinical trial agreements, informed consent, clinical protocols, and protocol synopsis. You also need an English to Chinese translation for user manuals that you may have for your medical devices. The English to Chinese translation may also be necessary for instructions for use for medical devices.

Medical Translations

Medical translations are also prevalent in the Chinese language. When you want your product’s manual or user manual translated from English to Chinese or Chinese to English and you need it in 24 hours, you can get it through a professional translation service that offers translation solutions.

Spoken Chinese is hard to translate if you have no idea about it so a simple Google translation is not enough. Before committing to a technical translation, you should get a free quote from native China speakers who know what they need to do for your project.

Medical translations of medical documents are also necessary for the following purposes:

Medical devices
Medical devices that need English translation services or Chinese translation services are prevalent. Companies that are aiming to reach a global and massive scale should be able to hire a translation company that can do certified translation services for them. If you own a medical device company, you should hire a translation company that does both the certified Chinese translation to english certified translation and back. Translators who can do both are definitely a gem.

Official medical records
Clients with medical conditions often get their official medical records translated by translation services. Mandarin translations and quality translations from companies that provide quality service are necessary especially if the condition is serious. Clients who require a team of doctors with specific expertise to work with them are often in need of a good translation service. After all, the life of the clients may be dependent on the choices of translation companies that he or she would get.

Legal Translations

Legal translations covering customers who want the Chinese language, in the official form, simplified form, or traditional form are also very much in high demand. The localization of legal documents in the highest quality is also a project for many developers who know the technical requirements of having an official translation in spoken Chinese.

Legal translations of legal documents are also necessary for the following purposes:

Immigration services
Legal translations are often needed by customers that need to have ‘certified’ documents.

Official court documents
If a person would ask another to translate legal documents in Court, they have to be an official legal document done by an official translator. Simply put, one cannot ask another person to simply translate a document because he wants to. Even if your friend speaks genuine and native Mandarin, courts would still need a professional to translate. A professional is someone who is in the business of translating documents.

Legal Writing
When you ask your friend to translate a document, he can do so out of pleasure but the final product will not be admissible in court or an administrative body. You need to get a professional to translate your documents. The professional you hire to translate for you may also be someone who is in the business of translation.

Certified documents
In the business of translations, a certified document means a document that comes with a certification from an expert translator that it is in the correct form. For example, the translator would issue a certificate with a claim that the final translated document was properly translated from Mandarin to English or from English to Mandarin, depending on the need of the individual client. A business makes money off of the service of translation as well as the final document translation.

Personal documents
There are also some papers and correspondence that are required to have a more personal translation. When you have a birth certificate, a marriage certificate, an affidavit, or any personal correspondence that you would like to understand in your own language, you should get some personal documents translation to help you out.

Adoption papers
Adopting children from China is now easier and more accessible. For individuals who are looking to add a bundle of joy to their families, they need to have the right Chinese translation services to help them through the process. It helps to hire the right translation company especially if you do not even understand a word of Mandarin and you want to make sure that you are not missing a part of the process. It is always up to you to have this service but it is definitely amazing.

Technical Translations

The technical translations that you would get from Chinese document translation services are going to bring you quality translations if you know when kind of documents, languages, localization, and service you need to actually get. Official documents can be easily translated by a team of experts who know how to do global translation. Chinese translation services are often done by a translation company who knows the subtle differences between the different dialects under the Chinese umbrella.

On the other hand, if you are a Chinese or running a Certified Chinese company, you would love Chinese translations and getting English translation services.

Automotive Translations

One of the latest advancing industries in China today is the automotive industry. With that industry comes the dawn of the automotive translation industry. In this new line of translation needs, individual companies get their documents in Mandarin interpreted from Mandarin to English and vice versa. Most translation companies already have a dedicated team for their automotive translations as this is already considered as a booming industry.

Can I expect a translation company to get documents translated in 24 hours?

While there are companies that offer Chinese translation services with a fast turnaround, you should not always force the translator to do a rush localization project. The translator of the Chinese translation company would need more than 24 hours to provide a service that is apt and certified. This is especially important if you want quality translation and localization business.

Why? As discussed above, there are different dialects of the Chinese. Each of the languages have a different meaning. Merely looking at documents for a quick certified translation is forcing the Chinese translators to rush on the translation. If you rush the work of the Chinese translators, you may end up not getting the right services.

Should I get Chinese translators as my specific translator team?

Chinese translators who are native speakers of the language also offer their services for those who have a need for Mandarin translations and other Chinese documents that may need quality translation service. To answer the question, no, it is not necessary for you to get certified Chinese translators for the documents that you want translated.

Companies all over the world that offer Chinese translation services have always been focused on quality Mandarin speaking individuals. Online document translation services can get done by an expert who knows about the intricacies of the certified Chinese dialect so there is no need to be uber specific about the translators you hire. The most important thing that you should be specific with is the final copy of the Chinese document translation. It is through the Chinese document translation that you can check the quality of the services that you got from the Mandarin translators.

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Chinese translation services are now necessary for any business. There are a lot of Chinese translation services online that offer the highest quality Chinese translations. You may ask for a free quote from a Mandarin Chinese translator and your translation needs will be addressed with the highest standards and fast turnaround. There is no need to go to a single native speaker who does translation for business. The global need for Chinese translation service from English to Chinese and Chinese to English are good enough.

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